Address: Rm2203 Global New Times Plaza, 1666 North Sichuan Rd
Hongkou District
Shanghai 200080

Phone:+86-21-63095372 Fax:+86-21-63095373 specializes in providing web hosting services customized for the Chinese market. We target two main group of customers: China-based companies and individuals who want domestic or international web hosting solutions with local support, and global clients targeting the Chinese market and therefore need a host that can guarantee access of their site for Chinese visitors.

We have been growing strongly over the last two years and have become quite a brand in our niche market. Although we currently only provide shared hosting plans, China VPS and dedicated servers will be added to our product mix in a very near future.

We have multiple server locations: China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shenzhen), Singapore, US (Texas, California, New York), UK and Germany. Both Windows and Linux plans are available.

Our focus is to provide high quality hosting services to business clients worldwide. Therefore we do not compete on pricing and all our plans are billed annually (which is the norm in mainland China). On the other hand we do not and will never oversell. Therefore if you are looking for terabytes of disk space and bandwidth for less than $5 a month we are not the host to talk to.

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