Thexyz Inc

Address: 18 King Street East
Toronto M5C 1C4

Phone:18003149082 Fax:N/A
Thexyz provides paid email hosting services, competing directly with the likes of Gmail and other free email services. We attract and retain customers by providing a service that delivers value to them. People are happy to pay for services that respect their time and maintain their privacy.

Our main product, Thexyz, is an easy-to-use email with built-in calendars and contacts. It works quickly, blocks spam is ad-free, and has all the modern email features you love like contacts, folders, group lists, un-delete, rules and filters, calendar sharing, and more.

We also offer GroupList, which is for teams to share emails for better productivity from anywhere. GroupList keeps group conversations focused, well-documented, and easy-to-find.

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