Tilaa BV

Address: Westdam 3-J
Woerden 3441 GA

Phone:+31852100500 Fax:+31852100501
Start using your own FreeBSD, Windows or Linux server today, from € 6,00 a month.

* Fast - Your server is instantly available and 100% self-service.
* Freedom - Root or Administrator access, it's possible to run your own kernel.
* No over-committing - Your server resources are dedicated.
* Pragmatic - We think in solutions, not problems
* Stable - Reliable enterprise class hardware with high redundancy
* Great network - Your server has a gigabit network connection, with great connectivity to the rest of the world
* Transparant - No hidden cost, no yearly contracts
* Knowledgeable - Our experienced engineers work fast and accurate
* Solid - Our platform is powered by the stable KVM hypervisor
* Happy customers - Our current customers judge Tilaa as an excellent hosting provider

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