Web Hosting Interview - EXMASTERS January 2023

Web Hosting Interview - EXMASTERS January 2023

Milo Kalerta, Founder and Owner of Exmasters

HostSearch interviewed Milo Kalerta, Founderand Owner of Exmasters - a leading high performance web hosting provider specializing in low cost web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk with you again. Can you please let us know any updates since the last interview in 2017?
    MILO KALERTA: I must say that covid time has not been easy for anyone, however I am happy to say that we continue to provide high quality and affordable web hosting for everyone, regardless of your nationality or business size.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you please share with us an overview of your current products and services?
    MILO KALERTA: We offer the most effective hosting solutions for most projects, starting with small shared web hosting, through very popular VPS and dedicated servers and associated services. They have different advantages - small shared hosting is affordable solution for everyone, while dedicated servers are ideal for larger and more demanding projects, where speed and system resources are the best possible. The most popular option nowadays is then VPS, which is really great compromise between performance and price. With VPS all features you may need are also available, including root access. So if you would like to switch to us and start hosting, I definitely recommend VPS option.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What are the advantages for you is being based in Czech Republic?
    MILO KALERTA: Since the Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe, it’s the best location in terms of speed and accessibility for whole region. We have presence also in North America, so not a problem if you prefer this location. So in terms of location you have a choice of the most suitable ones. The location also meets the content requirements where for example adult content is fully allowed.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What is the benefit to the users who are using your Dedicated Servers? How do others?
    MILO KALERTA: Unlike others, our VPS  and dedicated servers are fully managed, so you don't need to know anything about the systems, it's all our job. We can also help you install any additional applications and it's completely free. It's also worth mentioning that we have our server system tuned for high traffic projects, so the server will not be overloaded. And if you need any quick technical intervention, you can fully rely on us, which is very important nowadays. Of course, fair prices are also an advantage.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you please explain the Shared Virtual Hosting? What are the advantages for customers using this service?
    MILO KALERTA: Shared virtual hosting is all about the price. If you don't have a bigger budget, you can start with shared virtual hosting and upgrade anytime later. Also setting up an account is instant, so you can get started pretty much immediately. Recently, this service has been replaced a lot by popular VPS, but it's still a good and simply to set option for beginners or smaller projects.
  • HOSTSEARCH: As the Founder and Owner of Exmasters, what is your strategy to ensure that your business will continue to grow and expand?
    MILO KALERTA: Firstly, we want to continue to provide quality and hassle-free hosting with superb technical support at affordable prices and continue this trend despite the fluctuations in the world. And secondly we want to add additional and more specialized services such as wide Cloud services, Database as a service, Disaster recovery etc., it will be introduced soon. Anyway, if you are looking for a web hosting solution for your sites today, feel free to check our website https://www.exmasters.com, I am sure you’ll find the service you need, or just contact us for any custom solutions or more info.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What hardware and network are you using?
    MILO KALERTA: Only branded state-of-the-art technology, so any hardware problems are basically eliminated. As far as the choice of a dedicated or VPS server is concerned, the client is free to choose any configuration and is not dependent only on predefined ones. As for the network, it is a multiple 10Gbps reserved connection combined with multiple providers, it is of course fully redundant and not overshared. Our servers handle billions of accesses per day without any problem and the uptime is currently 100%.
  • HOSTSEARCH: You consistently get good reviews on HostSearch.com. What’s special about your service that keeps your customers coming back?
    MILO KALERTA: Well, you just have to do things right :). But seriously, I think it's also because our service is more personal. You don't have to wait many hours for a universal answer from support, everything is handled quickly and in the best way for the case. Then the quality of the network and hardware is already a given, so basically everything is troubles-free.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What level of support do you provide? Can you please tell us more about how Exmasters supports the customers?
    MILO KALERTA: In addition to the information in previous question, it is also worth mentioning the regular maintenance of the server, if the client wishes. Thus, security updates and similar, which is important in the long run.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Is there anything you wish to add for this interview? Thank you very much for your time with us and we wish you a great success in 2023.
    MILO KALERTA: If you decide host with us, you have peace of mind and you don't need to focus on the technical details, but fully on your content. Technical support is included in our services, so you can count on us that all will be without a single problem. We can also help you to migrate your content from elsewhere and all of this is still a great asset and coupled with our fair low prices, you can't choice any better!

    Thanks HostSearch for this opportunity and wish you all the best in 2023.

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