Web Hosting Interview - myhosting.com February 2011

Web Hosting Interview - myhosting.com February 2011

Tim Attwood, Product Manager of myhosting.com

HostSearch interviewed Tim Attwood, Product Manager of myhosting.com - a leading worldwide provider of superior, affordable and reliable hosting services, with over 50,000 web hosting customers in over 170 countries.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Hi Tim - thanks for letting us take up your valuable time like this. Can you please let our visitors know a bit about yourself and your role at myhosting.com?
    TIM ATTWOOD: I've been involved in the hosting industry for almost 9 years in various roles. Working in the Marketing department as a Product Manager, I have a lot of opportunity to get involved in many different areas of both the product lifecycle and the marketing processes, even branching out into other areas like community and content management. myhosting.com is a very active and dynamic brand, and there are always new and exciting things coming around the corner.
  • HOSTSEARCH: How long has the company been in operation and have you been with the company since it started?
    TIM ATTWOOD: Our parent company, SoftCom Inc. has been in operation since 1997, and I joined the team in early 2002 in the Customer Support department. Starting at the ground level really gave me an opportunity to learn what our customers were looking for, and as I moved into other roles this experience proved to be invaluable. SoftCom is a company that believes in its employees, and there are many others who have made similar transitions. In my opinion, this speaks volumes about our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you give us an idea of the size and growth of your company?
    TIM ATTWOOD: We've seen phenomenal growth over the last year with the success of our VPS Hosting service. In 2011 we hope to continue to grow our VPS customer base and join the ranks of the top providers around the world. Our parent company, SoftCom Inc., employs over 90 people in our various offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and has plans to expand by over 30% in 2011.
  • HOSTSEARCH: As the Product Manager of myhosting.com, can you please let our visitors know about an overview of your products and services?
    TIM ATTWOOD: Our portfolio of hosted services gives our customers the opportunity to satisfy all of their web hosting needs under "one roof". Our hosting services include Windows and Linux shared hosting, Domain name registration, SSL Certificates, email hosting powered by Microsoft Exchange, Database hosting, SharePoint hosting, and a wide range of VPS Hosting solutions and cloud based SaaS offerings.
  • HOSTSEARCH: So, myhosting.com offers variety of products and services. What are the main products and services of the company?
    TIM ATTWOOD: Our flagship product is our VPS Hosting Service. We've received great feedback since our VPS Hosting product launch. We currently offer a number of different solutions based on Parallels Virtuozzo and Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows and Linux. There are also a number of different add-on options, including control panel solutions like Parallels Plesk Panel, Parallels Small Business Panel, and WHM / cPanel. We recognize that our customers have varying needs when it comes to their Virtual Server, so we want to provide them with a versatile and customizable solution that can be tailored exactly for them.
  • HOSTSEARCH: In a recent press release, myhosting.com is offering the new WebMatrix VPS service. Could you tell our visitors a bit about this service?
    TIM ATTWOOD: WebMatrix was recently launched by Microsoft and provides a streamlined development tool that gives users everything they need to get a website up and running quickly. As a WebMatrix launch partner with a strong focus on VPS Hosting, we wanted to provide support for this development tool in an environment that developers would truly appreciate; a Hyper-V based virtual server running Windows 2008 R2 with Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 and IIS 7.5. Our WebMatrix VPS hosting solution can satisfy the needs of different kinds of developers, whether they need a standard hosting solution or need to build a customized environment to satisfy their unique platform requirements.
  • HOSTSEARCH: It's interesting that myhosting.com have been in the web hosting business for such a long time. What are the factors which making myhosting.com successful in these industry?
    TIM ATTWOOD: From the beginning, we placed a strong emphasis on providing Microsoft based hosting solutions. Our strength in these areas set us apart from many of our competitors and provided customers with a reliable and affordable hosting solution on a Microsoft-based platform. Later this expanded to other services including Hosted Exchange, which was another key product offering for us. We've since branched out to offer other non-Microsoft hosting products such as Linux Shared Hosting, as well as a variety of other services including VPS Hosting.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What do you think defines a high quality hosting service?
    TIM ATTWOOD: Simply providing "Unlimited" resources isn't enough. A quality hosting solution focuses on reliability, redundancy and security, and provides support when customers need it most. We are continually working on improving every aspect of our hosting service from the network to the hardware, and everything in between. We are always re-investing in our infrastructure, our solutions, and our staff. Our Customer Support team is available 24/7/365 by phone, email and chat. We recognize that we need to be there for our customers when they need us.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What can myhosting.com customers expect for 2011? Do you plan for any new lines of services?
    TIM ATTWOOD: We're continually working on improving and enhancing our existing product line, as well as looking for new opportunities. We're planning a number of key improvements including launching Exchange 2010 and SharePoint Foundations 2010. We are also planning improvements to our VPS Hosting services, including launching Virtuozzo-based Windows 2008 VPS hosting, as well as the release of Plesk Panel 10. And stay tuned, as there are a couple of other new product lines we are working on that are still in the early stages of development. We will share more news in the coming months.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Tim, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us today.
    TIM ATTWOOD: Thank you!

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