Web Hosting Interview - PowWeb October 2005

Web Hosting Interview - PowWeb October 2005

Josh McGinnis, Business Development Manager, PowWeb

Josh McGinnis gives us an insight into PowWeb and their way of doing things.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Please introduce yourself and tell us about how you got started with PowWeb.
    JOSH MCGINNIS: My name is Josh McGinnis and I am the Business Development Manager. I started working for PowWeb as a Support Technician and through the years have managed to work myself up to my current position.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Why do you create your own web hosting software rather than go with an out-of-the-box solution?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: PowWeb strives to be an industry-leader in everything it does. You can't be an industry-leader if you use the same backend and software that other major competitors use. What we've done is taken the idea of existing control panels, and improved upon them so much that our customers wouldn't prefer anything less.
  • HOSTSEARCH: On the company page of the PowWeb site it indicates you have established yourself in the low-cost market. How do you compete with so many hosting companies in that market already?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: PowWeb maintains a loyal customer base by offering free superior 24/7 technical support, a large open community forum, and consistently offering upgrades to new and old customers. The culmination of these factors keeps PowWeb in the forefront of the low-cost market.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you tell us a bit about PowWeb's connection to the Internet please?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: All of PowWeb's network information can be found on our website.
  • HOSTSEARCH: With your low-cost hosting plan set at $7.77 how can you afford to give away 6 free months with a year contract and 14 free months with a 2 year contract?  
    JOSH MCGINNIS: It isn't a matter of affordability. We know once you sign-up for PowWeb, you will continue to stay with us for years to come.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Can you tell us about your customer support services please?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: Email support is available 24/7 and phone support is available Mon-Fri 6am -8pm PDT and Sat-Sun 10am-5pm PDT. PowWeb also offers a 27/4 live chat room access.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Please describe the bonus offer and marketing package that comes with a domain registration at PowWeb.
    JOSH MCGINNIS: Here is what the marketing package contains:
    • 100+ Web Marketing Articles
    • 40 Search Engine Submission
    • Site Utilities, File Permission Calculator
    • HTML Checker, Image Optimizer & Image Site Detection
    • Web Tools, Popularity Check & Meta Tag Generator
    • $50 Credit to Overture Fast Track Program
  • HOSTSEARCH: I see a lot of mention of load balancing on your website. Isn't this something all web hosts have?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: Load-balancing technology is relatively new and very few hosts if any (other than PowWeb) have implemented on such a large scale. It ensures that 1 server becomes unavailable; the other servers can take up the slack and contribute to the overall uptime of your website.
  • HOSTSEARCH: How many users have you got on your forum and is this limited to PowWeb customers?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: Our forum is easily the largest web-hosting forum on the web. Anyone is allowed to register and become an active member on our Forums. Currently, there are about 22,000 members and close to a half a million posts.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What can we expect from PowWeb in the near future?
    JOSH MCGINNIS: You can expect constant upgrades in disk space, bandwidth, and additional features in our control panel. We are also consistently updating our knowledge base and resources section to help those new to web-hosting.

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