“.mobi“ Web Sites Opened to Public

September 27, 2006
September 27, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – September 26, 2006 saw the start of individual registration of domain names with the “.mobi” domain extension. Over the last four months businesses and other organizations have been involved in a registration procedure aimed at preventing competitors and “cyber-squatters” purchasing “.mobi” domain names reflecting their trademarks and copyrights. More than 12,000 “.mobi” domain names have already been registered.

The “.mobi” extension will be used to view specially configured websites through mobile internet devices. A number of companies who failed to register a suitable “.eu” domain earlier this year have put substantial effort into securing “.mobi” domains. An example of a big player interested in “.mobi” domains is Google who has established google.mobi - a search website optimized for display on mobiles and PDAs.

The “.mobi” registry has reserved some 5,000 ‘premium’ domains that utilize generic terms such as “sex” (sex.mobi) and “sun” (sun.mobi). Companies looking to register domains using such terms must apply for accreditation by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and pay a $1,500 registration fee.

"The new “.mobi” domain will make surfing the internet on the move far easier and more reliable. However, the threat to brand owners is as serious as with any other major domain launch. Any organization which has yet to secure its “.mobi” trademarks has left itself wide open to abuse from cybersquatters, domain name speculators and competitors,” suggested Jonathan Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of NetNames.

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