‘Big Blue’ Announces Launch of ‘Sweeping Portfolio’ on IBM Cloud

February 6, 2016
‘Big Blue’ Announces Launch of ‘Sweeping Portfolio’ on IBM Cloud
IBM – traditionally known as ‘Big Blue’ – has announced the launch of a ‘sweeping portfolio’ of services available through the IBM Cloud. The company, whose headquarters are in Armonk, New York, United States, has a long tradition of hardware of software development, but has transitioned to offering cloud services over recent years. Its new cloud services target data scientists and app developers.

IBM’s offering provides 26 new cloud services and includes 150 publicly available datasets that assist application development and management. The service monitors a range of cloud providers and uses “open systems to establish data flows” across a variety of services. The service permits “self-service for data preparation, migration and integration” and offers developers advanced data exploration and modeling tools such as the IBM Compose Enterprise - a managed platform that helps developers quickly create apps. In addition, IBM’s Graph service will be accessible using Apache TinkerPop and the Gremlin graph traversal language. IBM also intends to launch a facility San Francisco with resources that include Spark processing technology which the company hopes will generate an interest in IBM’s Watson developer cloud.

"Data is the common thread within the enterprise, regardless of where its source might be. In the past, data handlers have relied on disparate systems for data needs, but our goal is to move data into the future by providing a one-stop shop to access, build, develop and explore data," explained IBM’s General Manager, Analytics Platform and Cloud Data Services, Derek Schoettle,. "IBM's integrated Cloud Data Services give developers greater scalability and flexibility to build, deploy and manage web and mobile cloud applications, and enable data scientists to apply information across businesses efficiently."

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