50,000 ‘.cloud’ Domains Registered in Less Than Three Months

May 15, 2016
50,000 ‘.cloud’ Domains Registered in Less Than Three Months
Around 50,000 ‘.cloud’ domain names have been registered in a period of less than three months reflecting the continued growth and interest in cloud-based solutions. ‘.cloud’, which is based in Arezzo, Italy, is the registry body responsible for ‘.cloud’ domains. The organization suggested that 20,000 ‘.cloud’ domains were registered in the first 24 hours after the ‘General Availability’ phase of the extension’s distribution began on February 16, 2016.

‘.cloud’ is one of the latest Internet top-level domains (TLDS) to be released and now sits alongside over 1,000 other extensions as diverse as ‘.academy’, ‘.bingo’, ‘.chat’, ‘.cooking’ and ‘.cool’. The new extensions more easily reflect the purpose of a website, with names like ‘.accountant’, ‘.actor’, and ‘.attorney’ reflecting professions and jobs and extensions such as ‘.photography’ reflecting areas of interest and areas of business. ‘.cloud’ immediately and effectively suggests a company’s involvement in the cloud industry. Organizations like Ubuntu, SpamExperts and Atomia have been quick to adopt the new extension.

“Clearly, as word starts spreading that .cloud is finally available as a domain extension, it should be a no-brainer for anyone working in the cloud computing space or offering cloud services to take advantage of it,” explained .cloud’s Head of Registry Operations Francesco Cetraro. “But past the obvious implications for the cloud computing industry, a true meter of the success of cloud computing as an enabler of new businesses and the general improvement of people’s lives is how popular the term 'cloud' itself has become, to the point that people from all over the world now understand and have positive associations with it.”

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