5DollarHosting.com Introduces new SimplePlan

September 20, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - 5DollarHosting.com, a low-cost provider of hosting, has recently unveiled a new business model for its shared hosting product. The company has completed a shift of their hosting plan offerings to a more simplified format as of September 2005. Called the "SimplePlan", the package will be the only one sold by 5DollarHosting.com, with the exception of a Reseller version. Clients will be able to tailor the SimplePlan to their needs by adding a variety of options including disk space, bandwidth and advanced tools on an as-needed 'a la carte' basis. By eliminating the tiered-plan structure, 5DollarHosting.com is seeking to eliminate confusion for its clients when ordering, and move to a structure more in line with today's marketplace needs and expectations. The SimplePlan also includes far more resources (disk space & bandwidth) than previous offerings, as a result making the company more competitive in the low-cost segment of the industry. The price for the SimplePlan is also unchanged from the previous entry-level "Basic" package offered in recent years.

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