5DollarHosting.com Releases New Features

ROCHESTER, NY - 5DollarHosting.com, a leader in low-cost virtual domain hosting, announced the release of several new features this week:

WebMail: Web-Based mail is now available on all accounts and plans, allowing the user to check and send mail from any web browser in the world.

Community Forum: 5DollarHosting.com launched its Community Forum located at http://community.5dollarhosting.com. Users and visitors are encouraged to come by and meet clients and staff.

New Shopping Carts: New versions of the integrated shopping cart have been released to all E-Commerce plan holders and now include real-time secure credit card processing through 3 online gateways.

For more information, visit the web site at http://www.5dollarhosting.com.

5DollarHosting.com is located in Rochester, NY and offers hosting solutions starting at $5 a month.


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