5U Hivemind 5520 Rack Server Offers Solution for Web Hosting Providers

December 27, 2005
December 27, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Alienware has announced the release of its new Alienware Hivemind 5520 5U rack server – the most powerful addition to its Hivemind rack server line. Powered by dual Intel Xeon processors with dual-core technology and with 3TB of hard drive storage and up to 16GB of memory, the Hivemind 5520 represents a complete solution for a range of businesses.

"Corporate customers needing an extremely powerful, reliable solution for databases, storage area networks, web hosting, multiple workloads, or other large-scale applications will find the answer they have been looking for with the Hivemind 5520," said Patrick Cooper, Director of Product Management for Alienware. "By being fully scalable and easy to manage, the Hivemind 5520 allows companies to expand and diversify as smoothly as possible."

"Our work with Alienware has enabled them to develop a platform based on Intel Xeon processors that meets the needs of businesses," said Rick Brown, Director of Marketing, Intel. "Dual Intel Xeon processors provide Alienware's new Hivemind 5520 with the performance, stability, and 64-bit computing that businesses need to grow without limitations."

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