64% of Search Engine Optimization Customers Fail To Implement Recommendations

September 27, 2005
September 27, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - A study by a leading Search Engine marketing company suggests that 64% of company’s utilizing third party search engine optimization services are unable to implement their vendor’s recommendations due to obstacles within their organizations. The chief obstacle to making changes to web sites is lack of personnel and budget, the study suggested. "These responses tell a troubling story," said Robert Murray, President of iProspect, the organization that carried out the survey. "Companies who are unable to implement their vendor's recommendations or who cannot muster the organizational commitment to act on their SEO firm's recommendations are, in effect, committing to fail." Murray continued, "The site changes an SEO firm recommends are not tremendously difficult to implement, and the resulting visibility, traffic and conversions are often significant. The message is clear: Marketers must build solid organizational commitment not just in the marketing group, but in the IT group, to the search engine marketing campaign before engaging an SEO firm. This ensures that they have the implementation resources to execute on their SEO firm's recommendations so they can generate the results their organizations seek." Dr. Naga Krothapalli, iProspect's Director of Algorithmic Search added, "Ultimately, it comes down to one of three factors: budget, human resources, or organizational commitment. In most large organizations, IT projects, including site improvements, are ongoing. It's just a matter of which ones are given priority." Krothapalli went on to say “It's akin to going to the doctor when you're sick and then failing to fill the prescription. If a website cannot be found in search engines, it is not going to get better on its own. If the site doesn't change, the rankings won't either."

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