9th Year in Business for Singaporean Web Hosting Company

November 5, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Singaporean web hosting company 8 to Infinity is enjoying its 9 year of operation. During this period the company has grown from a budget web hosting provider to providing a specialized range of services (including dedicated and managed web hosting and load balancing systems) for a niche market.

Although located in Singapore the company has a global clientele that enjoy services which include datacenter design and forensic computing. "We started out with a modem and a Pentium 100 computer for customer support. Web hosting was bought as a reseller package from USA," says Lim Boon Chuan, chief technical officer of 8 to Infinity. "From the start, a lot of detractors predicted our demise. Some even spread rumours that we were hosting on 56k modems with a computer located in a government-subsidized housing flat," explained Mr Lim.

8 to Infinity now maintains about 200 servers with an estimated 50,000 users worldwide. "We will continue to leverage upon our niche skills and the economy of scale which our large user base offers to grow new service areas as well as to continually improve upon our existing services.” added Mr Lim.

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