A10 Networks Unveils Cloud Computing and Virtualization Roadmap for Application Delivery

January 20, 2010
January 20, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A10 Networks™, the technology leader in Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), today announced its new AX Series virtualization product roadmap. As Cloud Computing increases, virtualization is a key enabler, delivering elasticity, economies of scale and the ability to scale with commodity hardware or hardware appliances. With the new AX Series virtualization options, customers offering public and private Cloud Computing models benefit from a wide range of efficient, responsive and cost-effective solutions to scale up and down, and enhance performance, on demand.

"A10 is clearly listening to its customers by offering the widest choice of virtualization solutions of any Application Delivery Controller vendor," said Burzin Engineer, VP of Technology, BizRate/Shopzilla. "I've been impressed with the solutions I've seen so far, and am pleased to see the full Layer 4-7 suite of functionality."

New AX Series Virtualization Products & Solutions

Based on A10's award-winning AX SeriesApplication Delivery Controllers (ADC) and Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, the following scale-as-you-grow virtualization options will provide enterprises and service providers wide flexibility:

- SoftAX: A software-based AX Series virtual machine (VM) with a full range of Layer 4-7 ADC features. Leveraging commodity hardware, SoftAX helps customers to rapidly scale, horizontally or vertically, by increasing hardware resources or the number of ADCs, on demand. SoftAX will be available in two different versions: a demo version for evaluations and a production version based on bandwidth licensing.

- AX-V Appliance: Industry's first purpose designed hardware to run SoftADCs while guaranteeing performance and meeting compliance standards. The AX-V appliance leverages A10's 64-bit AX Series hardware platforms, to provide AX appliance hardware reliability with AX virtual machine (VM) flexibility. With AX-V, customers can respond to changing traffic volume by provisioning and de-provisioning multiple higher performance AX VMs or third party virtual machines as required. Customers benefit from custom AX Series carrier-grade hardware advantages such as high port density, hardware support for compute-intensive functions (e.g. SSL ASIC) and redundant power supplies. With multiple VMs running on a single AX device, complete software failover in a single platform is now possible, with the standard AX Series High Availability feature set.

- AX Virtual Chassis: Enables organizations to efficiently scale as they grow with two to eight AX Series devices in a virtual cluster, which operates as a unified single device. The AX Virtual Chassis is a cost effective solution that improves management, high availability and operational issues. Dynamic High Availability features include active-standby, active-active, active N+M standby and support for Layer 2/3 topologies. A single point of management is available across the AX devices via the CLI, GUI and/or aXAPI (RESTful XML API). Operationally, the AX Virtual Chassis includes dynamic cluster resizing to deliver seamless capacity provisioning and de-provisioning and graceful upgrades and downgrades.

- AX Series Virtualization: Complimenting the existing AX Series ADCs and new AX virtualization products, all AX Series models will include expanded internal Virtualized Management capabilities within Application Delivery Partitions (ADPs). This expanded functionality will include granular Layer 3 network virtualization and hardware virtualization per partition. Granular segmentation of an individual AX Series enables production quality multi-tenancy between multiple applications and organizations, and cost effectively guarantees specific resources and performance.
"With our Cloud Computing and Virtualization Roadmap, A10 continues its tradition of providing scalable, flexible and disruptive innovations to the Application Delivery Controller market," said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO for A10 Networks. "Virtualization is at the center of Cloud Computing and A10 introduces the industry's most flexible virtualization options with our SoftAX, AX-V appliance, AX Virtual Chassis and AX Virtualization."


SoftAX, AX-V appliance and AX Virtual Chassis will be available in Q2. AX Virtualization is available today and its enhancements will be available throughout 2010.

About A10 Networks

A10 Networks was founded in Q4 2004 with a mission to provide innovative networking and security solutions. A10 Networks makes high-performance products that help organizations accelerate, optimize and secure their applications. A10 Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

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