Accipiter Partners with Web Hosting Provider Hostworks to Form Asia-Pacific Ad Management Solution Provider

November 8, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Hostworks has made an agreement with Accipiter Solutions, Inc., to deliver its online advertising technology to cater for the Asia-Pacific region’s growing online advertising market.

“Customers are demanding more functionality as they refine their online ad campaigns and seek to differentiate themselves from competitors as they compete for growing online ad dollars,” said Klaus Bartosch, director of sales and marketing for Hostworks. “Our partnership with Accipiter will provide customers with unparalleled service and functionality. Most importantly, there is no ad-serving performance latency as is typically the case with competitive offerings that are served offshore.”

The Hostworks and Accipiter partnership has already paid dividends with Hostworks signing two of the region’s top 10 ad-serving customers - (a medium for real estate agents to advertise their listings) and News Interactive (the online media division of News Limited). Alistair Carwardine, director of online services for News Interactive, suggested, “Hostworks has a proven record of handling high-volume publishing sites and the Accipiter solution by Hostworks has the ability to scale to our needs as we grow.”

Figures provided by the Audit Bureau of Verification Services report that Australian advertisers spent 64% more of their budget online in 2004 than in the previous year, making it the nation’s fastest-growing medium.

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