Active Directory Freeware launched by Chily Softech

October 19, 2009
October 19, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Chily Softech, makers of globally renowned myriad of cost effective enterprise level and network administrating software solutions, today unveiled the release of a set of four new freeware namely Chily Active Directory Query, Chily DC Monitor, Chily Local User Management and Chily Offline Folder Report. Featuring quick installation and instant response, these tools are designed to meet the needs of enterprise IT Administrators. This range of AD software tools are developed keeping in mind the troubles that administrators go through and that’s why our freeware AD tools are a special gift to administrators. Mentioned below is the brief overview of the Chily freeware and their benefits:

Chily Active Directory Query- Using Active Directory Query tool, administrator can type a query to fetch relevant information without searching for the same in the AD information deposits. Pertaining to its user-friendly and simple to use features, this tool executes queries asked by administrator and displays the output. Highly useful for Windows Administrators, this data so generated can be saved in CSV format. A user can optimize the end-results by making use of “Advanced” option.

Chily DC Monitor- This DC Monitor software is an administrator’s tool, using which he/she can monitor and evaluate state of Domain Controller and its performance. Owing to its easy to use interface, this is an effective tool designed to run automatic series to report state of Domain Controllers and their performance. The tool can be used to explore state of Domain controllers within the company, DCs within a site or a particular Domain Controller. Owing to the user-specified input about the Domain requiring particulars, detailed information such as CPU utilization, Memory Utilization and Disk Utilization are extracted. Along with this, user can also get details of factors such as Page Reads/sec, Page Writes/sec, NTFRS Handles, File Reads/sec, File Writes/sec etc, which might be required by the administrator.

Chily User Management- Aimed at supporting administrator, the user management tool is used for managing user accounts within the Domain. In addition to managing and providing information about local user accounts, the software enables the administrator to reset user account passwords and enable & disable account status. Owing to its ability to remotely enable, disable accounts and reset passwords, Chily User Management eliminated the need to manage user accounts manually.

Chily Offline Folder Report- This Offline Folder Report software is developed especially to examine the mailboxes of selected Domain. It offers three lists; first of the users working on OST files, second of the users not working on OST files and third of errors occurred while pursuing the search process. These lists are saved in CSV format for future references.

“AD tools are designed to fulfill the requirements of IT department and technicians, who are operating all day long and are accountable for an array of responsibilities,” said Mr. Rupesh, Director Chily Softech. He also added, “We always wanted to gift our administrator friends with some 100% free software solutions that helps them in cutting down the length of time they spend during their jobs. We understand, time is money, therefore we offer AD tools freeware range that is an ideal time and money saver.”

Chily Softech Private Limited is a software development company specializing in designing and development of technologically advanced IT management solutions, computer security and PC tools. All the tools are easy to install, setup and use; additionally we offer 24 X 7 hour technical support to our customers for consultation regarding software usage and troubleshooting.

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