Adding Security to Web Hosting Service

January 18, 2005 The Raytown Corporation, LLC now offers a new customizable package of services, which combines web hosting with the newest solutions for information protection.

Responding to the enormous and constantly growing demand for both high-quality web hosting and solutions for information security, the Raytown Corporation, LLC have united these services into the flexible service package. It is especially suitable for companies, which are doing business online  every client has an opportunity to choose what types of services to include into the package, depending on the company's size, needs, and the security threats it might face.

E-mail security, protection against intrusion, data protection are the key concerns of the service provider. Unfortunately, the Web is still far from being secure, so no e-businessman can afford not to protect his website at all. The question is WHAT or WHOM to protect it from - and HOW to. The threats vary widely; alas, some of the problems may be caused by unfair methods of competition.

Some "competitors" may either hamper the work of another company's website or plainly steal sensitive information. A hacker's attack can seriously damage and even ruin an e-business if the website is not protected well enough. A dishonest rival may also launch a denial-of-service attack to bring a competitor's website to a standstill. Stealing information to gain unfair competitive advantage happens much too often to ignore this threat. That is why it is so important for any e-business not only to properly host the website, but also to apply latest solutions for information protection as well.

Nowadays rapid development of information technologies gives us new opportunities and prospects for business, but at the same time it creates new dangers which were unknown just a couple of years ago. It is for people to take chances and avoid perils of contemporary cyberworld. For more information visit:


Raytown Corporation LLC is an independent security software developing company. The main specialization is developing monitoring and anti-monitoring software with more than 10 years of experience in information protection. Its products and custom solutions may be found in more than 80 countries all over the world including a large number of Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement, government and military agencies.

Alexandra Gamanenko, PR Manager
Raytown Corporation LLC
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