GARDENA CA (August 25, 1998) Affinity Hosting ( announced today
that it will offer a free domain registration and parking service to the general
public. Users who register their domains with Affinity at will receive a free welcome page, which can be
customized using a web-based control panel.

Affinity’s Free Domain Name Registration and Parking Service is perfect for
individuals and businesses that want to reserve their identity on the World Wide
Web, but do not have a web site yet. It’s also for people and organizations with
an established web presence but want to own related domain names for future use.

Domain names are being registered at a rate of about 150 every hour or over
100,000 a month. Now is the time to reserve or before someone else takes them.

“We’ve made it easy for people to register their domain names,” explained Kurt
Eto, vice-president of marketing for Affinity Hosting LLC. “Our goal is to give
individuals and businesses a chance to economically reserve their identity on
the Web now, while they decide how to integrate the Internet into their lives
and businesses.”

“Besides, why pay a service fee to reserve your domain, when you can do it
yourself for free. There are free web site services out there, but do you get
your own domain name? You can pay some company to register your domain, but do
you get a customizable web page?”

Affinity’s Free Domain Registration and Parking Service comes with no
obligations. Users can move their domain to any other server at anytime. “When
they are ready to turn their parked domain into a full-fledged web site,” says
Eto, “We hope people consider the excellent service and value that Affinity
Hosting offers.”

As a Network Solutions Partner, Affinity can register domain names quickly and

(Please Note: Users are responsible for paying their own InterNIC fees.)

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