Aflexi Announces New Marketing Plan for Partners and Customers

January 6, 2010
January 6, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Aflexi launched a new and improved marketing structure for their content delivery network (CDN) solutions that provides service providers and web hosting companies with extra revenue streams.

In addition to providing Aflexi CDN services and content delivery, user, operators and web hosting companies can also sign up as a "Aflexi License Distributor" and can resell the license based Aflexi CDN software to operators (other web hosting companies). The Distributor can generate up to 35% commission from the software sales. This includes a free web interface with detailed reporting features for managing all their issued licenses.

Operators can deploy their private CDN with self-managed infrastructures. Operators can also offer CDN hosting to publishers (webmasters).

According to Whei Wong CEO of Aflexi, "A webhosting company (an operator) purchases an Aflexi CDN software license from one of our Distributors. Using the Aflexi CDN software, the web hosting company first deploys their CDN by setting up edge servers at different location. They can then sell CDN hosting packages to hundreds of webmasters and content publishers. The publisher's web content will then be pulled from web hosting company's CDN, depending on the location which that web host covers."

"We recognize the importance of marketing and promotion," added Whei Wong. "Aflexi partners will receive additional benefits by being featured in our marketing campaigns/websites and Aflexi users' portals (user web interface)."

The Aflexi technology manages and optimizes website traffic across various ISPs and their POPs. Because Aflexi uses a network of ISPs and does not rely on a single network or just a few providers, an Aflexi-powered ISP or web host is very resistant to downtime and can guarantee high speed data delivery.

About Aflexi

Based in Malaysia, Aflexi develops and provides content delivery solutions for ISPs and content distributors worldwide. Aflexi develops Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with a marketplace approach designed for websites that have huge amounts of traffic, intelligently directing visitors to the best available or highest performing server.

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