Aflexi Rolls Out Version 2.0 of New CDN Software

January 27, 2010
January 27, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The new Aflexi CDN software version 2.0 adds new layers of customization and ease of use to the Aflexi CDN software platform.

Aflexi CDN software is a high performance, secure, and scalable content delivery network (CDN) solution for web hosts and content distributors at extremely competitive pricing.

For example, Aflexi 2.0 software's new traffic policies now makes it easier for web hosts to create flexible and customized geographically-based packages for content delivery options.

According to Whei Wong, CEO of Aflexi, "As bandwidth in the USA is significantly less expensive than the rest of the world, a publisher can save money by using only US based edge servers. Only if they require international delivery to Asia and EU, will they have to pay the higher bandwidth charges to the operator for additional non US edge servers. These changes can be made instantaneously by the operator via the (Web-based) Aflexi control panel."

Version 2.0's "Themability" function now allows CDN operators to "brand" their DNS redirection with their own domain names via CNAME redirection. The software exposes the API and hence enables CDN operators to build their own customized, branded portals. Aflexi's new migration rewrite rules makes it possible and easy for publishers to migrate existing websites to a CDN enabled format.

The new Aflexi CDN software version 2.0 also now provides Purge URL (Uniform Resource Locator) capability that enables CDN operators and publishers to quickly and easily replace old URLs with new ones within their edge server caches.

More About Aflexi

Aflexi develops and provides content delivery solutions for ISPs and content distributors worldwide. Aflexi develops Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with a marketplace approach designed for websites that have large amounts of traffic, intelligently directing visitors to the best geographically available or highest performing server.

Aflexi technology manages and optimizes website traffic across various ISPs and their POPs. Because Aflexi uses a network of ISPs and does not rely on a single network or just a few providers, an Aflexi-enabled ISP or web host is much more resistant to downtime and can guarantee high speed data delivery.

The intelligent Alexi back-end system scrutinizes traffic patterns and visitor profiles, and can make the necessary adjustments in real time to ensure the highest possible delivery speeds and data quality. If a specific server or network becomes overloaded, the Aflexi system automatically reroutes incoming and outgoing traffic to the next available ISP, server or POP. If your audience suddenly explodes in number, the Aflexi will instantaneously recognize the peak demand and add additional servers and POPS to the network to handle the increased traffic.

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