AI and Multi-Cloud Data Management Company DataDirect Networks to Acquire Cloud Storage Company Nexenta

May 16, 2019
AI and Multi-Cloud Data Management Company DataDirect Networks to Acquire Cloud Storage Company Nexenta
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management company DataDirect Networks (DDN) is to acquire cloud storage company Nexenta Systems, Inc. (Nexenta). DDN, which has headquarters in Chatsworth, California, United States, was established in 1998. The company is “the world’s leading big data storage supplier to data-intensive, global organizations”. It designs, develops and deploys optimized storage solutions and primarily caters to internet and cloud service providers, banks, other companies in financial services, those in healthcare and life sciences, and companies involved in manufacturing and energy. It also caters to government and research organizations. Its “deep technical expertise” supports its reliable and cost-effective services. DDN’s acquisition will allow it to leverage Nexenta’s leadership in software-defined storage for the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

Nexenta, which has headquarters in San Jose, California, United States, was founded in 2005. The company is “the market creator and leader in Open Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) software solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise environments”. The OpenSDS initiative has a community of more than 45,000 members and helps to protect storage users from issues like vendor-lock-in, vendor-bait-n-switch, and vendor-rip-n-replace. Nexenta caters to around 6,000 customers and has a network of around 300 partners. It manages around 2,000 petabytes of storage capacity and its products and services have generated around 50 patents. Post acquisition Nexenta will operate as a division of DDN. The acquisition “adds powerful enterprise-class scale-up and scale-out software capabilities for hardware-, protocol-, stack/platform-, cloud- and app-agnostic deployments” to DDN's suite of products and services.

"Nexenta helped create the Software Defined Storage market and achieved a leadership position in it by deploying more than$100 million of software globally," explained DDN’s co-founder and CEO, Alex Bouzari. "With the addition of Nexenta's great team, IP, and its visionary CEO Tarkan Maner, DDN is broadening our markets beyond AI, Big Data, virtualization and Multi-Cloud, and accelerating our investments in next generation 5G, IoT and enterprise software. No one else can bring such a degree of data management freedom, value and flexibility to the marketplace."

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