AI-based Authentication Services Provider Silverfort Opens New Offices in United States

January 3, 2018
AI-based Authentication Services Provider Silverfort Opens New Offices in United States
AI-based authentication services provider Silverfort has opened new offices in the United States. Silverfort, which has global headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, was established in 2016. The company specializes in protecting businesses from cyberattacks, data breaches, “insider threats” and other threats, protecting the “entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure”. The company was founded by members of the ‘8200’ elite cyber unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

Silverfort’s solution leverages authentication and access protection technologies to add a layer of security that does not require the installation of “software agents on client devices or servers”. The solution addresses on-premises and cloud-based resources within an organization by utilizing patent-pending authentication approaches that are based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company’s platform was awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 New Product Innovation Award. It “automatically secures every physical and virtual resource in a cost-effective manner” and offers a range of protection measures that verify a user’s identity before access is granted.

By opening new offices in the United States the company will enhance its activity in North America. Its new offices will house new employees in a number of departments and support the company’s North America sales staff. They will also enable Silverfort to build new partner channels. “The decision to open these new offices is part of our growth plan in the United States,” explained Silverfort’s CEO,Hed Kovetz,. “Due to the growing need and challenges of applying strong authentication for a variety of corporate systems, applications and IoT devices, Silverfort is gaining a lot of interest for its innovative authentication platform, which can protect all those resources without integration.”

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