Announces Total Eco Web Server, New Website and Brand Identity

March 11, 2009
March 11, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) –, which claims to be the “first and only 100 percent solar-powered web hosting company”, has announced the launch of new a “total eco” web server, a new website, and a new brand identity, it was reported recently.

"Our new logo and brand identity show the transformation from being just solar-powered to having a complete hosting ecosystem that is environmentally friendly” explained’s CTO, Phil Nail. “This new look reflects the values that has been known for in the business community, while also representing our new strategic direction for a complete environmentally-friendly hosting solution."

"We have been able to power our office and servers without using the local energy grid via on-site solar power,” explained Mr. Nail. “Even cloudy days can collect the sun's power and with the new TEWS setup we combine solar power, recycled rain water to cool the data center, air for Internet conductivity, virtualized servers, and other great eco-friendly technologies." The company is located in Romoland, California, USA, where “the annual rainfall is minimal and the sun is out over 70% of the year”.

"To stay ahead of the industry we have to act and look like rock stars," added Nail. "That is why we chose Thunk, Inc. to help with our re-brand and strategic business development. They get it. The IT industry is not a glamorous world but we believe our way is how data should move through the Internet. It's logical and environmental, and that thinking has helped give us exposure. We are in a sweet spot right now because our infrastructure is built on solar panels so the more energy we can get out of 120 panels the easier it will be to scale - and we plan to scale. All it takes is another 120 panels and more efficient technologies and we keep staying ahead of the demands for data."

"Solar web hosting is not a novelty, this is serious. There is no excuse for companies to use data centers and hosting providers that have old infrastructures and antiquated models with fancy websites that brag about buying energy credits," explained James Tucker, founder of Thunk, Inc. in San Francisco. "Consumers need to be smarter than that and realize that these data centers are sucking the earth dry of resources. I discovered this working on a rebrand for a large data center company and was inspired to shift my clients, company and mission to use alternative energy for web hosting. Fossil fuel hosting companies are going to need to make radical changes - and fast. This comes at a time where change is expensive but the consumer demands companies make the change or they will go somewhere that aligns with their business philosophy." also uses LED lighting, solar tubes, thin client computers and other unique green techniques which allow more capacity without having a large physical footprint housing hundreds of servers and cages. The dedicated servers offer high availability and are extremely scalable. All data resides on fiber drives and all data is backed up hourly. The servers utilize NetApp for the data storage and VMware to maximum server uptime. This same solution is used by 95 percent of all Fortune 500 companies.

Thunk is an interactive team located in San Francisco that works with start-ups, agencies, marketers, and directors as a creative resource for web, application, print, video, and Flash projects. We specialize in information architecture, project management, content development, rapid prototyping, strategic lead generation campaigns, and branding. has been a trusted name in environmentally friendly web hosting since 1997, providing a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. All network and server hardware is fully redundant with 24x7-automated systems monitoring to ensure the highest possible uptime. Using solar panels to power its data center and network, is the first and only 100 percent solar-powered web hosting company. Customers as far away as Kenya, East Africa, rely on the service and reliability offered by

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