Alienware Introduces New Line of Rack Servers

July 29, 2005
July 29, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - High end computer manufacturer Alienware, announced the availability of a brand new line of single and dual-processor rack servers today.

From the dual-processor-powered Hivemind 2525 and Hivemind 1525 to the budget-friendly Hivemind 1220, Alienware rack servers are equipped to handle the critical business demands of customer resource management and data warehouse applications to messaging and web hosting. Hivemind rack servers feature up to two high-performance 64-bit Intel(R) Xeon(TM) processors that allow you to run both 32-bit and 64-bit applications at maximum performance on the same platform.

Providing flexible storage capabilities with plenty of room for expansion, Hivemind rack servers support up to 2.4TB of SATA or 1.8TB of SCSI hard drive storage. Hivemind servers also allow you to increase server memory as your application demands increase, supporting up to 12GB of ECC DDR-2 memory. In addition, costly, unscheduled downtime is not a concern thanks to memory mirroring and redundant network interface controllers that help to keep your systems running and your data protected.

"In response to the increasing number of companies that are relying on Alienware's award-winning desktops and notebooks for their pressing business needs, Alienware has developed the next-generation line of Hivemind rack servers to meet additional demands for government and corporate customers," said Nelson Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer at Alienware. "In a business world that can be highly volatile, Alienware's Hivemind servers add a critical measure of reliability and performance for everything from data warehouse applications to messaging at a great value."

"Built on a foundation of high performance and reliability and augmented with innovations such as 64-bit computing and Intel Hyper-Threading technology, Intel Xeon processors are the preferred platform for servers, and are a natural fit for Alienware's impressive new Hivemind rack servers," said Phil Brace, general manager of server platform marketing for Intel's Digital Enterprise Group. "Working together, Alienware and Intel have produced some of the PC industry's top systems in recent years, and now that tradition has extended to servers."

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