Allied Telesyn Offers Layer 3 Switches with Built-in Network Reflexes

June 15, 2005
June 15, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Allied Telesyn, a global provider of secure Ethernet/IP access solutions, has announced the availability of its AT-8600 series of Layer 3 Fast Ethernet switches with event-based scripting technology that allows the network to react quickly to threats and outages.

Designed for the access edge of small to medium-sized enterprises, and ideally suited for networks with no dedicated system-monitoring infrastructure, this affordable switch family gives administrators the ability to build automatic, event-based response into their networks.

The AT-8600 series is comprised of three models: a 24-port model with 2 modular uplink bays, a 48-port model with 2 SFP bays, and a 24-port Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) model. All models in the AT-8600 series operate at 10/100Mbps and support 1000Mbps uplink speeds.

"The 8600 series reacts instantly to protect the network," said Philip Yim, Allied Telesyn Executive Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. "It is the network equivalent to blinking as a reflex to protect your eyes. It will monitor the availability of critical links, VoIP hardware, servers, and even network security appliances, and if there is an problem the 8600 switch will instantly react and take action. It can even send you an email telling you what the issue was and how it was corrected."

"The 8600 series will help prevent those late night emergency calls." said Joshua Johnson, Senior Analyst at Synergy Research Group. "As networks converge, the number of devices in the network is continuously increasing, and there is definitely more to keep you up at night. But with the safeguards that event-based scripting provides, you'll be able to keep those late-night emergency calls to a minimum."

Event-based scripting in the AT-8600 series can help maintain availability all across the increasingly more IP-based enterprise network. For example, event-based scripting can use Ping Polling to monitor IP devices outside of the organization's network, monitoring an ISP's DNS servers and switching to an alternative server in the event that the original becomes unavailable. Likewise, an AT-8600 switch can monitor the availability of the VoIP server hosting a call manager application, routing all VoIP traffic to a back-up server in the event of a main-server failure. The AT-8600 series can also monitor the availability of IP peripherals such as IP Phones, and the PoE version of the switch can even power cycle the phone to try and get it back online, emailing a notification in the event that it cannot be revived.

Allied Telesyn products are backed by a complete range of technical support options, including 24/7 web and phone support, professional services and in most cases, a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Allied Telesyn products can be purchased directly, or via leading value-added resellers, e-commerce sites, and direct marketers.

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