American CyberSpace Introduces Free SSL as Integral Component of New “Higher Evolution” Web Hosting.

NEW YORK, NY–Wednesday, March 3, 2002 American CyberSpace announced today its new “Higher Evolution” web hosting promotional campaign offering new hosting clients free access to Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology in conjunction with a wealth of other key features and benefits.

American CyberSpace was founded by a group of web designer and developers with years of experience dealing with countless web hosts. “We know well the frustration of being lured by all kinds of promises, promotions and gimmicks, only to find that your host not only can’t deliver, but also provides the sort of customer service that can only be described as scary,” said company spokesman Steve Brown. When asked to define “Higher Evolution” web hosting, Brown added, “Its far more than just the free SSL. It’s really quite simple: people want exceptional customer service and the most bang for their web hosting buck. On the support side, we deliver by offering a comprehensive online support manual for real-time self-help and problem-solving; this is backed by our rapid-response e-mail support service. On the value side we offer an ultra-simplified, web based control panel, in-depth site stats, a network troubleshooter, daily backups, static or ‘real’ IP addresses, PERL, JAVA, PHP, SSH, SSI, MySQL—everything anyone would want and need, from the small business entrepreneur to the large multi-national corporation.”

American CyberSpace also offers professional web development and design services resulting in what company president Pande Wapenyi calls, “a seamless, one-stop shopping experience for those seeking efficiency and solid professionalism in the establishment of their e-presence.”

“We’re having such a positive response to our promotion that we’ll probably run it indefinitely. Why mess with a good thing, right?” quipped marketing vice president Jennifer Humes.

For more details about this promotion or to explore all the services American CyberSpace has to offer, point your web browser to the company’s website:

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