AmericaUnited Website Created to Help Katrina Victims

September 5, 2005
September 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - A new website was released today ( to help bring together those who can help hurricane victims with those who need it. With over 90% of the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas devastated and uninhabitable, there are nearly a million people without homes that need the assistance of their fellow Americans.

The website provides the following services:

• People Connector, which utilizes a database under development by the University of Louisiana and Microsoft. The database will enable hurricane victims to connect with missing family and friends.
• Housing Connector, a database created to connect people that have available housing with victims needing shelter. Individuals and organizations may register their available housing information, which can then be accessed by victims and their families.
• Trustworthy Donation Organization Links

“Many organizations and companies have come together in order to provide a one-stop location,, for the purposes of re-uniting families that have been separated during this disaster and to provide an online location that connects people who want to give free housing and donations to those that have been left without a home,” stated Dean Craig, partner and founder of GOTWWW, LLC.

The website was conceptualized and created by GOTWWW, LLC and HomeSurf USA; while NetFronts Web Hosting has contributed network resources, time, and expertise for the web server aspect of the site.

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