App Development Company Crowd Machine Transitions to AWS

June 12, 2019
App Development Company Crowd Machine Transitions to AWS
App development company Crowd Machine has fully transitioned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and now leverages AWS to offer enterprise customers its services. Based in Scotts Valley, California, United States, Crowd Machine allows customers to “create, deploy and manage powerful apps using logic, not code”. By moving to AWS, Crowd Machine “can allow customers fast, flexible, and secure access to the cloud”.

Crowd Machine’s “no-code application creation” capability allows its customers to build enterprise-grade applications quickly, without the need for coding, or the need for software development tools. It also allows development at significantly less cost. Crowd Machine is coupled with ‘Crowd Machine Go’ which offers “intelligent dashboard monitoring” and fully automated report writing.

Crowd Machine caters to organizations of all sizes (including Fortune 500 enterprises), helping them move away from outdated legacy technology and towards modern cloud-based solutions that eliminate issues (such as hosting) that are typically “associated with traditional software development models”. AWS’ scalable platform has proven the ideal choice for Crowd Machine.

"We want to give everyone the tools to make positive change in their business, which is why we built Crowd Machine on AWS, to use their extensive compute power, depth and breadth of services, and world-class expertize,” explained Crowd Machine’s CEO and founder Craig Sproule. “AWS allows us to develop an effective cloud infrastructure to support our growing business."

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