Application Hosting Provider Cartika Launches New EMaaS Option

July 8, 2017
Application Hosting Provider Cartika Launches New EMaaS Option
Application hosting provider (Cartika Inc.) Cartika has launched a new EMail-as-a-Service (EMaaS) cloud email platform. Cartika, which has headquarters in Toronto, Canada, was established in 2000. The company is a “leader in application hosting and advanced clustering technologies”, catering to “cloud users across North America”. Its new hybrid EMaaS option offers Exchange and POP/IMAP on a single domain.

Exchange – or more formally ‘Microsoft Exchange Server’ – is a Microsoft solution offering email and calendar solutions for businesses. Although it provides a broad range of functionalities and features, many are only utilized by power users. As a result, businesses adopting Exchange might be paying for options most staff don’t use. In addition, it only operates on Windows Server operating systems. POP/IMAP services are significantly cheaper and do not require a Microsoft operating system. In an organization where some need Exchange and others do not, the answer has typically been to set up different accounts for different users. The EMaaS cloud email platform now gives companies the best of both worlds.

Cartika’s new service offers businesses an “innovative new approach” in that it enables them to utilize both Microsoft Exchange and POP/IMAP accounts through a single domain name. Enterprise-grade email is priced based on the features they offer, allowing companies to decide which type of email is best for them. The solution is available for only at $8 per month per user.

“Our hosted email services have always included choices for Exchange and POP/IMAP users, but they were sold as separate services,” Andrew Rouchotas, the CEO of Cartika. “Over the years we have looked for a way to offer and manage both types of accounts on a single domain and billing platform. We finally decided to have Cartika’s engineering team build our own hybrid solution.” He added, “The advantage comes down to flexibility and cost-effectiveness and to the best of our knowledge, we are the only provider with this type of cloud email anywhere. Customers get what they need, at the appropriate price-point, and they can manage everything from a single, intuitive control panel.”

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