Asia's Largest Data Center Operational in August

May 31, 2015
Asia's Largest Data Center Operational in August
Asia's largest data center will be operational in August this year. Located in Pyeongchon, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea, the center will be known as the LG Uplus Pyeongchon Mega Center. It is located 22 kilometers from Seoul and is the brainchild of LG Uplus Corporation, a South Korean telecommunications and mobile phone provider under the LG Group. The center is a response to the global growth of cloud computing and it will offer services such as data mining.

The new facility will be 17,281 square meters in total when completed and include two seven-floor data centers and a seven-floor office wing. The separation of data centers and offices has been arranged with access control in mind. The International Data Centers (IDCs) can hold around 450 racks every 1,000 square meters. Although they don't officially open until next month, 1,500 racks are already being housed and utilized by LG Uplus Corporation's customers.

"Cloud service is becoming more international and expanding national borders," explained the data centers' General Manager, Choi Young-bum in a report by the Korea Times. "It will eventually be more eco-friendly and highly efficient, as it is adjacent to a 154 kilovolt substation of the Korea Electric Power Corporation".

"It (the facility) can achieve a power usage effective level of 1.4, which enhances efficiency by 50 percent and reduces the utility rate by more than 20 percent, compared to existing centers," added Choi.

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