Australian Domain Registrar Offers ‘Add-on’ Services

May 31, 2016
Australian Domain Registrar Offers ‘Add-on’ Services
Australian domain registrar (Smartyhost) has announced it is now offering a range of ‘add-on’ services. Smartyhost, which has headquarters in Braddon, Canberra, Australia, offers a range of services including web hosting (with a website builder). The company manages around 60,000 domain names and has ‘dot com dot au’ domains available at the low price of around 15 Australian dollars per year ($10.86).

Customers using Smartyhost’s domain name registration services can now add domain hosting, web development and email hosting services. Smartyhost’s new options “have been added so as to gain more traction in the Australian start-up market” in the belief that they will prove popular with entrepreneurs. Smartyhost’s options provide a number of features including auto-renewal and free DNS hosting.

“We have now introduced email hosting, web hosting and web development services with an aim to put an end to the worries of the entrepreneurs,” explained a Smartyhost spokesperson in a press release. “We know how difficult it is to find a really efficient web designer and web developer in the current Australian market. Since everything comes within a package, our buyers or domain registrars can gain maximum cost benefits by opting for the add-on services.”

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