Australian Web Host has Services Cut Off

March 23, 2009
March 23, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Australian web host Dedicated Host has had a range of services cut off, a report in iTnews suggested recently. The Queensland based provider has apparently shut down as a result of key providers withdrawing their services. At the time of the report, the company’s website had been offline for 12 days and its phone line had also been disconnected.

The iTnews report suggests Dedicated Host has “been forced to issue a new support number after the outsourced customer support service it was using, Web Hosting Support, cut them off in mid-December”.

"We've had quite a lot of calls for them from people chasing money," a spokesperson for Web Hosting Support is quoted as saying. "We closed down their service quite a while ago due to similar issues. We haven't had too many calls since their website got shut down."

According to the article, Hightek Hosting and Crucial Paradigm both provided wholesale capacity to the company in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. "They're no longer a client. We cut them off," a Crucial Paradigm spokesperson was quoted as saying, while a spokesperson for Hightek Hosting was reported as suggesting, “We were a wholesale provider for them, I can't tell you much more as to the current business relationship. We cannot comment any further as to their current position with our company.

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