Automated Data Pipeline Provider Fivetran Announces Partnership with Cloud Giant Google

April 15, 2019
Automated Data Pipeline Provider Fivetran Announces Partnership with Cloud Giant Google
Automated data pipeline provider Fivetran has announced a new partnership with cloud giant Google. Fivetran has headquarters in Oakland, California, United States and offices around the world. The company’s services enable users to focus on driving analytics for their businesses. It offers services that are designed for analysts who require centralized data but “don’t want to spend time maintaining their own pipelines or ETL systems”.

To produce actionable results that impact their business operations, increasing numbers of businesses now process data in the cloud. Fivetran specializes in automated connectors that sync data warehouses with data from “cloud applications, databases, event logs and more”. However, moving masses of data to the cloud can prove problematic. The company’s partnership with Google has allowed it to extend its database analytics services to a wider audience. Fivetran’s services automate processes to simplify data migration to the cloud. By partnering with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the company can make data loading into Google BigQuery cloud warehouses faster and more effective.

Fivetran is a ‘launch partner’ for Google’s new ‘Data Transfer Service’. This service allows ‘BigQuery’ customers to leverage Fivetran data connectors “without leaving the Google Cloud environment”. With an automated GCP setup users can reduce the “setup and maintenance overheads traditionally incurred when centralising disparate data sources”.

“Every company should have access to all their data in one place, in real time, and Data Transfer Service is the realisation of that vision,” explained the CEO and co-founder of Fivetran, George Fraser. “The era of every company building fragile, error-prone custom ETL pipelines is over. Data Transfer Service gives you the power of BigQuery with the self-driving data infrastructure of Fivetran under the hood, so accessing your business data is as easy as writing a query.”

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