Bare Metal Cloud Company Packet Announces New Edge Compute Service

July 30, 2017
Bare Metal Cloud Company Packet Announces New Edge Compute Service
Bare metal cloud company Packet has announced the launch of a new edge compute service. Packet, which has headquarters in New York, United States, offers “the ultimate in performance, portability, and scalability for modern workloads”. The company’s range of offerings extend to cloud hosting, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and platform hosting. Still a startup, it is “is jumping on the edge networking train” with a new service that has 11 locations and is designed to appeal to developers that require “infrastructure without virtualization or multi-tenancy”.

Packet’s bare metal server technology “automates physical servers and networks and provides on-demand compute and connectivity”. Its new locations will offer ‘Type 1E’ single server Intel SkyLake processor-based configuration alongside Packet’s networking and infrastructure automation solutions. “Major operators” are investigating Packet’s services as they offer cost savings and reduced latency.

Packet’s locations include US locations (Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Ashburn, and Atlanta) alongside Toronto, Canada, Frankfurt, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia. Further locations (Paris, France, London, UK, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mumbai, India) will be online from October 2017.

“We’re going where the networks already exist,” explained Zackary Smith, the CEO of Packet. “The goal is to move the compute power closer to the developers. Edge compute will be finite and it will have limits. Multi-tenants make it hard to predict.”

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