Big Blue Launches Object-Based Storage Services for the Cloud

February 25, 2016
Big Blue Launches Object-Based Storage Services for the Cloud
IBM – traditionally known as ‘Big Blue’ – has launched ‘Object-Based Storage Services’ for the cloud. The company, which has headquarters in Armonk, North Castle, New York, United States, has transitioned from being traditionally a hardware and software provider to one of the lead players in the cloud arena. Its new service will enable its customers to locate unstructured data in the cloud more easily.

IBM’s new service – IBM Cloud Object Storage – leverages technology that was acquired through its purchase of Chicago, Illinois, United States-based Cleversafe - ‘Dispersed Storage Network’ or ‘dsNet’. Cleversafe’s solution “enables data-intensive clients to scale to exabytes of storage, or billions of gigabytes”. IBM provides its customers with a range of API options that allow them to store and effectively retrieve data “on-premise, on the IBM Cloud, or across the two in a hybrid environment”.

“One of the biggest challenges enterprises face today is the massive growth of data, fueled by cloud, mobile, IoT, analytics, social media, cognitive and other technologies organizations eagerly employ to transform their business and engage customers,” explained IBM Cloud Object Storage’s General Manager, John Morris. “By bringing Cleversafe technology to the cloud with these services, we will empower clients with the choice and flexibility needed to better balance storage cost, location, and compliance control requirements across their data sets and essential applications.”

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