Big Data Storage Solutions Provider Cloudian and AWS Form Partnership

August 14, 2016
Big Data Storage Solutions Provider Cloudian and AWS Form Partnership
‘Big Data’ storage solutions provider Cloudian Inc. (Cloudian) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have formed a partnership. Cloudian has headquarters in San Mateo, California, United States and offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Beijing. The company caters to the cloud storage needs of service providers and enterprises around the world, including Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone, Nextel, Docomo, NTT, Telecom Italia, Nifty Cloud, and Clara Online. Its proprietary HyperStore storage solution offers “reliable and scalable cloud storage solutions” that leverage low cost commodity hardware and applications in the S3 ecosystem. The cooperation will leverage the HyperStore storage solution and see AWS manage on-premise cloud storage usage and billing customers.

The two companies will cater for companies that have applications and data that fall under compliance regulations and require additional security, or apps that cannot be transitioned to the public cloud because of “bandwidth and network constraints”. “What is different here is you can procure it from the Amazon marketplace,” explained the Chief Marketing Officer of Cloudian, Paul Turner in a story in

“What we have done is implemented a service where you can go (to the AWS cloud storage) market place and sign up for the S3 service and do it locally,” added Mr. Turner. “It’s in the customer data center and as the storage is consumed, you pay as you go and all the billing is done through Amazon S3. It’s an OPEX spend which is unusual because up until now the cloud has been for CAPEX.”

At a cost of three cents per gigabyte based on the average usage, the new service will roll out in other regions as the company’s progress. “Customers have been asking for this and one thing Amazon does really well is respond to customers,” Turner said. “They will build what is needed.”

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