Bill Gates’ Convergence 2006 Keynote Address

March 28, 2006
March 28, 2006 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web Bill Gates has delivered his keynote address to the Microsoft Business Solutions Group's customer conference, Convergence 2006 ( In his address he outlined the future of Microsoft Dynamics business solutions - a line of financial, customer relationship and supply chain management solutions. Mr Gates described how Microsoft helps customers improve business results by bringing business processes and practices together and creating productivity software for specific employee roles.

"Businesses need more flexible ways to define and evolve their processes across systems so they can ensure that the results are delivered to employees to maximize their productivity," suggested Mr. Gates. "To help them achieve this, we are bringing business systems together with productivity and collaboration software and the online world. The result is role-based, composite applications that put people at the center so they can gain insight and collaborate to make decisions and take actions that drive the business forward."

Talking to nearly 7,000 Microsoft customers, partners and employees Mr. Gates outlined the five key strategies to Microsoft's “role-based” applications. These include 1) a ‘Tailored User Experience’ where applications are modeled on a user’s specific work, 2) ‘Service-Oriented Architecture’ which creates greater flexibility in the applications, 3) ‘Integrated Collaboration’ where applications build on technology such as Windows SharePoint to deliver collaboration tools, 4) ‘Immediately Insightful’ applications which assist good decision-making through automatic SQL Server Reporting Services, and 5) ‘Rapid Development Composition’ - new types of solutions that tie together functionality from several different sources and use industry-standard web services to unify structured and unstructured data and bring together formal processes with ad hoc workflow.

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