BitMover Releases Open Source Dev Tool BitKeeper

March 21, 2005
March 21, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Software development tools maker, BitMover, announced today the release of an Open Source BitKeeper Client. The client provides the same functionality as the update command in CVS, i.e., it may be used to track the changes to a project maintained in BitKeeper.

"Users have asked for an open source tool to track open source projects and this is that tool," said BitMover CEO Larry McVoy. This client enables anyone to participate in a BitKeeper managed project. It also demonstrates our commitment to the Linux Kernel development and the Open Source community."

The client works with any of the hundreds of projects maintained on

"We're proud of the support we have provided to the Open Source community," said BitMover's VP of Sales Bob Burres. "With this critical tool now in place we can focus additional energy on our commercial business. Our customers already enjoy significant gains in productivity and the features we have in the pipeline will enable the next level of productivity and usability in the enterprise development arena"."

The client is available in source form and may be retrieved from

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