Purchased for $100,000; Blogging Community Developed

December 17, 2005
December 17, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The domain name ‘’ was purchased for $100,000 recently making it the top domain name acquisition in 2005. The name, purchased by Cleveland Entrepreneur Tony Colan and his partner Ed Harrison, is being used to develop what they hope will be the foremost blogging community on the Internet, with special emphasis on broad appeal.

"We were attracted to the name immediately," said Tony Colan, Vice President of "Blogging is no longer just for teens, techies and political pundits. The growth, we expect, will be explosive, and as a result, we were willing to pay a premium for a domain that will help us build brand awareness in the marketplace."

Colan and Harrison are confident the name will offer substantial leverage as far as developing their blogging community is concerned, and as a result, suggested $100,000 is not the huge amount it appears to be for a single domain name. In 2004 the most searched for term on was ‘blog’ indicating the substantial interest generated by blogging. As a result the name will offer immediate benefits. "This is a tremendous feature," said Colan discussing the acquisition. “Anyone who decides to start a blog can easily find us without executing an exhaustive search." features interest-specific blogs (or channels) which include Arts and Culture, Entertainment, Fashion and Food and Drink. differentiates itself from the other blogging sites by eliminating all spam. "We intend to take hard line against spam. We don't want our blogs clogged with all that Internet garbage," said Colan.

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