Bob Parsons Gives $3.6 Million to 100 Club of Arizona

Bob Parsons Gives $3.6 Million to 100 Club of Arizona
Bob Parsons and wife Renee have given $3.6 million to 100 Club of Arizona. Mr. Parsons is the founder of web host and domain provider (GoDaddy) - one of the world’s largest providers. The company has a global presence and its success has been based on an ability to offer companies the tools and hosting they need to establish a successful web presence without the costs of engaging programmers and developers.

GoDaddy’s success was spurred by a global policy that sees the company offer services in local languages in many countries. It was also fueled by risqué advertising that featured Indy driver Danica Patrick. The company’s aggressive marketing included spending $2.3 million for a 30 second Super Bowl commercial - an approach that made the company a household name in the United States. No longer GoDaddy’s CEO, Mr. Parsons is noted for his charity work.

A Marine Corps veteran Mr. Parsons saw active service and tripped over a booby trap in Vietnam. Noted as a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, he was in the news recently for buying singer Cher’s former home at a reported cost of $8.72 million. His philanthropy appears boundless. For instance, most recently The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic was set up to represent veterans that have to go to court. The 100 Club of Arizona supports police officers and firefighters that have been injured and the relatives of those killed while on duty. News of the donation was announced by the Governor of Arizona, Mr Doug Ducey. The amount will be donated from Mr. Parson’s foundation over a three-year period.

"Our first responders put their physical and mental health at risk every day," explained Mr. Parsons in a statement. "This grant will not only help them heal from catastrophic injuries and illnesses, but will provide additional support for those coping with PTSD and other challenges." "This donation from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation is nothing short of extraordinary," added The 100 Club’s CEO and President, Angela Harrolle. "Their support and generous financial contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of Arizona's first responders and their families. We are filled with gratitude."

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