Branch of Web Hosting Provider Hostopia Launches Palm Operating System

January 4, 2008
January 4, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Nexthaus (, the wireless mobility technology unit of web hosting provider Hostopia (, has launched a Palm Operating System (OS), it was announced yesterday. The OS is its latest wireless mobility data synchronization application provided by the unit in a range that includes SyncJe for Blackberry, iPhone, Outlook, Outlook Express, and Lotus Notes.

Hostopias OS installs directly onto Palm OS devices and allows users to “wirelessly synchronize” data between Palm OS devices, desktop or mobile computers, and Internet applications. Users can "sync" their contacts, calendars, notes and tasks free from any device cradles or wires and can even set an automatic synchronization scheduler. The OS is compatible with any SyncML server and it offers one year of maintenance and support.

“Businesses and consumers are increasingly demanding greater functionality and productivity from their email services and mobility devices,” explained Paul D. Engels, Hostopia's Chief Marketing Officer. “SyncJe for Palm OS helps link otherwise unconnected devices with the ease and power of wireless connectivity. Critical data to every user such as contacts and calendar entries can now update wherever you are, in real time."

"SyncJe for Palm OS adds another significant component to our comprehensive line-up of data synchronization applications: Nexthaus SyncSuite,” added Dirk Bhagat, Hostopia's Chief Technology Officer. “Full compatibility with Oracle's Collaboration Suite has made these client applications very attractive to large enterprises. We believe that the ability to fully sync one's PIM data across multiple devices and platforms at a low client software price represents compelling value to business people, or consumers, looking to get more from their mobility device. Combined with our other SyncJe clients for Blackberry, iPhone, and Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, we believe we now cover the most popular devices and email clients on the market."

Hostopia’s OS will be marketed by direct retail through the Nexthaus website, through its wholesale channel of “leading global telecommunication and mobility service providers” (, and an all-new channel for Hostopia, Nexthaus Resellers.

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