Brett Tackaberry Now CTO of Canadian Web Host

April 30, 2019
Brett Tackaberry Now CTO of Canadian Web Host
Brett Tackaberry is now the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Canadian web host (Rebel). Rebel, which has global headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was established in 2006. The company offers “simple, useful tools” that empower its customers to leverage the benefits of the Internet. It offers a range of web hosting services including Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, website builders, website and online security solutions, and SSL certificates. Rebel also offers domain registration options. Mr. Tackaberry brings two decades’ worth of technology and design experience to his new role.

Mr. Tackaberry joined Rebel in 2016 and previously held the role of Director of Technology at the company. He focuses on how technology can benefit people, and started his career as the co-founder of a digital agency ‘76design’. Alongside a number of charitable organizations, he is currently involved in ‘Random Hacks of Kindness’ (RHoK), a global community of dedicated to helping charities, non-profit organizations and social enterprises address technology issues. At Rebel he will manage operations, infrastructure, and product direction while overseeing the company’s engineering and development activity.

“I’m excited to be a part of this phase of Rebel’s evolution,” explained Mr. Tackaberry in a statement. “We have a strong team and they’re passionate about doing great work. We are going to continue to help our customers contribute and be successful online, and we want to reduce barriers for those who are just getting started.”

“Brett’s extensive background and knowledge in development and design, along with his strong leadership skills, will further enhance our product innovation and growth,” added Rob Villeneuve, the CEO of Rebel. “Not only is this an exciting and strategic move for Rebel, but the benefits will be felt where it matters most – with our customers.”

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