British Cloud Provider UKCloud Announces Launch of CyberScore

May 14, 2019
British Cloud Provider UKCloud Announces Launch of CyberScore
British cloud provider UKCloud Ltd. (UKCloud) has announced the launch of CyberScore - a fully automated and scalable cyber security testing and rating service designed to enhance users’ cyber security. UKCloud has headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire and an office in Hartham Park, Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Established in 1999, the company focuses on the UK’s public sector providing cloud options that include managed hosting, cloud and colocation. It was in the news last year because it received a 33.14 million investment.

As the name implies, CyberScore offers users a score which determines the strength of their cybersecurity. CyberScore’s ‘score’ is coupled with reports that show the vulnerabilities in a system and supply chain. For instance, if a company or any of its partners uses obsolete software, CyberScore will note this as it is a network vulnerability. CyberScore allows organizations to consider the ‘health’ of their system and decide what they feel an acceptable level of cyber risk. It also offers remediation suggestions for IT teams to follow when a risk has been determined.

“Here at UKCloud, we use CyberScore internally to ensure that we are continually aware of our cyber posture and stay on top of risks,” explained UKCloud’s CTO, Leighton James. “CyberScore is a vulnerability scanning and reporting tool from XQ Cyber providing feedback on the cyber resilience of IT systems. CyberScore gathers data about an organization and interprets it, to present a view of its security posture. The introduction of CyberScore is the first in a new line of capabilities designed to enable UKCloud customers to get a better handle of their IT estate in a multi-cloud world,” he added.

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