British Cloud Provider UKFast Enjoys Substantial Growth

December 4, 2018
British Cloud Provider UKFast Enjoys Substantial Growth
British cloud provider UKFast Ltd. is enjoying increased interest in its services and substantial financial growth. UKFast has headquarters in Manchester in northern England and was established in 1999. It provides a full suite of services which include traditional web hosting alongside cloud hosting, colocation, dedicated servers, and managed hosting. UKFast’s growth will see the company bring in around £53 million ($67.70 million) in revenue in 2018.

UKFast’s 2018 revenue represents a 13% increase on its 2017 of £47 million ($59.80 million) and it expects a profit increase of 19% to reach more than £25 million ($31.85 million) on the year. This is good news for a company which is considering an IPO. Its success has been based on investment in research and development. The company also made additional investments in its support capability. UKFast released a number of new products during the year which proved successful, but it’s ‘eCloud’ portfolio still generates more than 42% of its revenue.

“It’s been an incredibly exciting period for UKFast, “ explained Lawrence Jones, the CEO of UKFast. “We are expanding our campus, launching a new AI and secure government data centre facility and developing some truly world-class new products to help our clients stay fast and stay safe online. By consistently focussing on innovation we are able to give our clients cost savings and an edge over their competitors. Whatever the outcome of Brexit we are resolute in our focus to deliver the best support in the industry. The team has picked up five major awards in only the last few weeks, which is testament to the hard work and passion that every one of them puts in to support our clients.”

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