British Government Issues Warning on Trojan

June 17, 2005
June 17, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - On Thursday, Britain’s National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Center or NISCC issued a warning on a new Internet Trojan that is specifically targeting British governmental and commercial organizations who have access to commercially or economically sensitive data via unsolicited emails with an attached virus or link to a website that downloads the Trojan.

The Trojan is apparently not detectable by anti-virus software and is able to bypass firewalls. Once installed on a machine the virus may be used to obtain passwords, perform network scans, send out critical information from the computer, and launch further attacks. Once infected, a computer is under the attackers’ full control.

IP addresses sending virus infected email are coming mainly from the far-east although this may not indicate the true source of the attacks.

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