British Host CWCS Managed Hosting Announces Cloud Hosting Options

October 23, 2015
British Host CWCS Managed Hosting Announces Cloud Hosting Options
British host CWCS Managed Hosting (CWCS) has announced the launch of new cloud hosting options. CWCS, which has headquarters in Nottingham, UK, was established in 1999. An ISO 27001-accredited provider, the company operates two data centers in the United Kingdom and has data center facilities in Canada. CWCS’ new Premium Cloud Web Hosting is aimed at “businesses that want to host a website on a high performance platform but with minimum effort”. Three new offerings are available - SupremeLITE, SupremePRO and SupremeMAX. Each caters for differing hosting needs and are available at “a low, fixed monthly fee”.

CWCS’ new service is cost-effective and fully managed service. It offers a high degree of scalability and is underpinned by a guaranteed uptime and high levels of performance. CWCS uses servers utilizing Solid States Disk (SSD) Premium Storage. Having no moving parts, SSD is significantly faster than the ‘spinning disk’ type of hard disks more traditional web hosting servers utilize. The result is faster page loading times and an improved visitor experience. Premium Cloud Web Hosting is easily managed through a ”simple web-based control panel” which provides access to all aspects of users’ hosting accounts. The control panel also offers “one-click” installation of software solutions such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla.

“Organisations are increasingly turning to managed hosting providers to handle their hosting needs,” explained CWCS’ Managing Director, Karl Mendez. “Our managed cloud solution is the latest example of a trusted provider that is equipped to deliver cloud web hosting as a service and not simply as a piece of technology. CWCS customers will benefit from a truly managed cloud platform with no single point of failure, along with allocated resources to suit individual memory, storage and bandwidth requirements. With our high-specification and ISO accredited data centres, they can also expect exceptional speed and performance from their websites.”

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