British Web Host Offers Registered UK Charities Free Hosting for Ten More Years

April 11, 2014
British Web Host Offers Registered UK Charities Free Hosting for Ten More Years
British web host has offered registered UK charities free hosting for ten more years. The company has headquarters in Manchester, England and offers a range of hosting services including WordPress hosting and VPS servers. It has been hosting UK registered charities at no charge since 2004 – making this year the tenth year of their commitment to British charity. The company has extended this commitment for a further 10 years.

“Many charities desire to distribute the maximum amount of their donated funds to their causes, and thus keep their overhead low,” explained the company executive Derek Vaughan. “While hosting is not typically viewed as a high cost item, typical charities often struggle with getting their sites online properly as the costs add up. This effort to bring charities online at no charge helps to bridge that gap for these worthwhile causes.”

Founded in 2000, currently helps over 200 UK charitable organisations by providing them with free web hosting. Such organisations include,, and Alongside free web hosting has been active in supporting “events and activities” that encourage people to “get involved online”. Such events include Manchester’s MadLab, the Blog North Awards, and WordCamp, which was supported by WordPress.

'' believes in conducting business in an ethical manner,” added Daniel Foster,’s Technical Director. “As a result of this we aim to offer 1 per cent of our total hosting capacity free of charge to charities that are registered in UK. We're proud that we have been supplying charities with free hosting for ten years now to help them with their website, as part of our corporate social responsibility, especially as it has now become increasingly important for charities to have a strong online presence.''

For further information on’s charitable efforts visit their website.

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