British Web Host Xtraordinary Hosting Provides Lodger Footwear with Magento Hosting Services

February 27, 2009
February 27, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – British web host Xtraordinary Hosting is providing Lodger Footwear with Magento hosting services, a number of sources reported recently. Lodger Footwear is a “premium bespoke footwear company” that boasts the British Prime Minister as a customer. The company offers a “hi-tech” alternative to true bespoke shoe manufacture, with a ‘customized’ option which includes taking foot measurements using a laser.

Lodger engaged Chicago-based Gorilla to develop, the company’s Internet presence. The company recommended the use of a blog to promote its wares alongside use of a customized Magento ecommerce Open Source platform and online marketing solution. Gorilla chose UK-based Xtraordinary Hosting as its hosting provider for the Lodger package. Their decision was based on its experience with Magento.

“We are a Magento Silver partner, and we have been so since Magento's official launch,” explained Xtraordinary Hosting’s founder, Andrew Ogilvie. “Xtraordinary Hosting’s virtualized platform for Magento Hosting provides guaranteed minimum levels of guaranteed memory and processing power. Xtraordinary's Magento hosting is highly tuned to provide lightning response times as it caches PHP code requests to reduce code compilation load. We further reduce the load by using memory-based storage of temporary files and we have optimized the Magento database to make the best use of available memory.”

Xtraordinary established a scalable Xen virtual hosting platform with high specification HP servers built on an Open Source platform consisting of Magento, PHP, Zend, Apache, MySQL, Xen and Ubuntu Linux that can cope with continually increased traffic levels.

“Xtraordinary Hosting take care of all the behind the scenes maintenance allowing Lodger to literally get on with minding the shop,” added Mr. Ogilvie. “We look after service monitoring 24/7 and provide a round the clock troubleshooting service. We also handle daily backups, patching and upgrades for Magento, the databases, webservers and operating system.”

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