BulkRegister Launches New Domain Management Tool

September 13, 2005
September 13 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - BulkRegister has launched a new domain management tool designed to offer flexibility to people managing large numbers of domains. BulkRegister’s new tool allows users to organize domains in folders and files and separates domains into categories by automatically creating categorization criteria. The system allows users to browse folder titles or domains in a single view, copy or move names between folders and sort by a variety of criteria including NameServer, creation date, name, and keyword. Users can also create rules that assign new domains automatically to specific folders. “Flexibility in portfolio management is critical to both resellers, enterprises and domainers managing large numbers of domains,” said Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister. “With BulkRegister Domain Category Folders, users can set views of their domains exactly how they want them, which streamlines the domain management process and saves them time and frustration. Along with a half dozen other new tools, the introduction of folders makes our platform the most robust for domain name owners.”

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